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Sandymount Strand - 5am

Sandymount Beach looking towards Pigeon House Power Station. This shot was taken one morning in June using a tripod for stability and maximum depth of field. 24mm lens on Canon 5D DSLR.

McDuff of Dublin

A Home - Portrait of McDuff the Rough Collie, who lives in Dublin. A mottled blue background was set up in the owners kitchen. Lighting involved the use of two studio umbrella flashes.

Flower Girl
Thai Restaurant, Athlone
Horse + Owner
Rome 28 BC
Black Dog
Lucy Kennedy is presenting a new Big-Brother style
programme in the New Year (2013)

House without sun

Original Photo
   The top picture is a composite of the following two.
   In the original above, the sun was burning out the
   top half of the houses, so I photographed the houses later on
   their own (center photo), cut out the people and merged the two 
   images together. Also, a better version of the boy's head 
   was cloned from a different photo.

Clouds over Howth

The eyes for this marble statue were taken from another photo and
sized and oriented to look as real as possible, resulting in a slightly
unsettling finished product.